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The Canvas with 20 or 45mm Stretcher


The Canvas with 20 or 45mm Stretcher

The Professional Canvas with Stretcher consists of a textured printed canvas stretched over a 20 or 45mm strong genuine wood stretcher. The archival canvas print is coated with a protective UV & water-resistant coating.

Edge options:    (no additional print cost : additional design fee may apply)

Natural:              White.

Colour:                Any colour of your choice.

Gallery Wrap:    Part of the image bleeds over the edge and is visible from the sides.

Custom Canvas:

We print and stretch to the size or format you need.

Price list and discounts below. For more information, please e-mail Yumna at Colin Sunkel Framing in Studio22 or call 021 525 3740.

Please contact us for photographers discounts.

**Mall Canvas:

Our Mall canvas range is set to compete with the non-professional canvas prints typically found in shopping malls and as a cost alternative to the pro option. All Mall Canvases are printed on our solvent ink printer using the classic four CMYK inks on synthetic canvas material (non-cotton based). They are only available in the set sizes as listed on the price list below. Please specify "Mall Canvas" on your order as this is not our standard option.

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Available with a 20mm or 45mm deep stretchers

Canvas Price List 2018

Size in mm **Mall Canvas in 20 or 45mm Professional 20mm Stretcher Professional 4­5mm Stretcher
100×150 Not Available Not Available R 172.00
150×230 (*A5) R 172.00 R 184.00 R 247.00
200×300 (*A4) R 218.00 R 291.00 R 311.00
300×300 R 268.00 R 359.00 R 379.00
300×450 (*A3) R 288.00 R 389.00 R 409.00
300×600 R 385.00 R 520.00 R 549.00
400×600 (*A2) R 545.00 R 765.00 R 776.00
500×500 R 495.00 R 559.00 R 705.00
500×750 R 699.00 R 1010.00 R 999.00
600×900 (*A1) R 920.00 R 1,270.00 R 1,309.00
700×1000 Not Available R 1,515.00 R 1,539.00
800×1200 (*A0) Not Available R 1,609.00 R 1,997.00
1000×1500 Not Available R 2,457.00 R 2,515.00

Giant Canvas Print & Stretch:

Please e-mail us if you need a custom quote.

1200×1800 R 2744.00 R 2855.00
1330×2000 R 2965.00 R 2995.00
1400×2100 R 2995.00  n/a


3+ less 10%

5+ less 12%

10+ less 15%

20+ less 20%

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