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Eco Block

Eco-Block: Display Products

The Eco-Block mount is eco friendly and economical at the same time. The Eco-Block is created by flush mounting a genuine photograph in a vacuum press onto an ultra stylish multi-layered wooden profile and adding a hanger. A display product that shows your images in an uninterrupted, edge to edge format. We can also print directly on wood, visit Studio22 for Wood Prints.

Newborn Photography by Faye Turnbull

The high quality, sustainably sourced multi-layered plywood is European Birch with FSC certification.

Although the focus of this product is on the image it displays, it is supported by the clean, minimilist lines of  the wooden backing block, consisting of 5 alternating light and dark wooden layers. In addition, the backing block is fitted with a wall hanging bracket and spacer, the combination allows the block to be raise off the wall by 6mm, creating a subtle shadow effect and presenting the impression of depth. For Eco-Blocks 20x30cm and smaller, we include a simple built-in stand. You need only snap off the stand and press it into the groove provided and your Eco-Block is ready to be displayed with pride.

The Eco Block is available as follows:

6×4” /100x150mm R 70.00
6×9” / 150x225mm (approx. *A5) R 90.00
8×12” / 200x300mm (approx. *A4) R 135.00
10×15” / 250x375mm R 195.00
12×18”/ 300x450mm (approx *A3) R 240.00
400x600mm or *A2 (420x591mm) R 550.00
600x900mm or *A1 (591x841mm) R 880.00
*A0 (841x1198mm) R 1690.00
* International paper sizes will differ from the mm sizes, the price remains the same.

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Image size and format:

As we print photographic resolution, we will need your highest quality file (we will list the exact image sizes below). It is important to note the format, 2:3, this is based on a full frame digital image from any professional digital camera. To be supplied as a Jpeg file. If the image is not to the 2:3 shape format required, we can 'print to fill' the paper size at, no extra cost, this will crop off any part that is beyond the full format. If it is required that the full image show and it is not to the standard format, the product will need to be custom made to fit and a custom fee will apply.

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