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Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

GENERAL  Colin Sunkel Photography cc (herein referred to as “the Company”) accept in store or via this website all orders only under these Terms and Conditions which are, to the extent permitted by law, to the exclusion of all other guarantees, conditions and warranties (including any as to quality or fitness for any particular purpose) whether express or implied. In the event of customers’ orders containing terms or conditions inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail. No addition to or variation from these Terms and Conditions shall have any effect unless the same is expressly accepted by a Director of the Company in writing. The Company’s catalogue, price lists and other advertising matter shall not form part of any contract between the Company and its customers. The Company reserves the right to modify designs and specifications without prior notification. Customers property and all property supplied by the Company will be held at the customers risk. Every care will be taken to ensure the best results but responsibility will not be accepted for imperfect work ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS  All orders placed with the Company are only accepted subject to sight of the job. The Company reserves the right to reject orders (and will refund payment) if they fall outside what the Company considers the normal “low-cost” operations for services offered. DELAY  Although all reasonable efforts will be made to fulfil requested/quoted delivery dates, such dates being indicative only, no liability arising from delay or non-delivery is accepted by the Company. COMPANY’S LIMITATION OF LIABILITY  To the extent permitted by law, the Company’s liability to the customer is limited to the value of the services provided by the Company giving rise to any claim and in no circumstances will the Company be liable for indirect or consequential loss or loss of profit. The Company shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss to the customer arising from third party claims occasioned by errors in carrying out the work or by delay in delivery. Variations in the chemical composition of inks and toners mean the Company cannot warrant the adhesion of the films applied in all circumstances. PRICES & PAYMENT Prices rule at date of ordering on the understanding that the work will be delivered for the service to be carried out within 4 working days of the order/payment being made.   CLAIMS  All claims should be advised in writing to the Company within 7 days of  date of collection CANCELLATIONS  Cancellations of orders will only be accepted within 2 working days of the order being placed and paid for. Any monies paid by the customer will be refunded after deducting an administration charge of R100 per order. OWNERSHIP  The Ownership of and risk in goods supplied for service shall with Customer at all times. COLLECTION/DELIVERY  All prices are based on Customer delivering and collecting the work to be processed. Should collection from or delivery to the customer be required, an extra charge will be made. VARIATION IN QUANTITY  Subject to normal in process losses, we will process the lower of either actual quantity supplied, the order  quantity or the quantity limit for the price ordered. Customers should supply sufficient quantities to cover losses/spoilage during setup and processing.  FORCE MAJEURE  Every effort will be made to carry out the contract but its due performance is subject to cancellation or variation as the Company finds inability to secure labour, material or supplies or as a result of any Act of God, War, Strike, Lockout, Epidemic, Fire, Flood, Drought, Legislation or any other cause beyond the Company control.


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